Statements form survivors

These two survivors of the Miscatonic University expedition were available for comment.

Frank H. Pabodie
Professor Frank Pabodie is a short stocky man with a broad square face and a bristling white moustache. Still working at Miskatonic University.

Asked about the expedition, he gives the following satement.

“I will never go back. Ever. Nothing in the world could persuade me to set foot
down there again—and I cannot explain in any way that you would understand. Oh, the poor, poor men, my friends, the fools. . . . It holds to many bad memories. It is not a place for us. Mankind was not made for such a place.”


Arthur McTighe is a tall angular fellow in his late twenties, with a shock of black hair
growing back from a widow’s peak, with long hands, and a wide expressive mouth.

Works as a radiooperator at the famous Kingsport Head Transmittor a few miles north of Arkham.

“The Mountains of Madness. That’s what Dyer called them. I guess they call them the Miskatonic Mountains now. Incredible things—God in Heaven! Like hallucinations—they reached up so high,
impossible peaks and spires. And evil. They looked evil, if you can imagine such a thing.”

“Professor Lake . . . all of us . . . we were so excited. You should have heard Lake, talking so fast, I could hardly keep up. Those things he found—like weird kelp, or big starfish—millions of years old, and he wanted to take them apart to see what was inside. He went on, and on, wilder and wilder. You should have heard the things he said! Crazy stuff. Most of it made no sense. I think, by the end, they were all going mad. The ice can do that to you, you know. The cold and the snow, the seemingly endlessness of it all…”

“Danforth’s the one I felt sorry for. Not that I ever liked him much, the snotty bastard. But God! How he cried! Screams and moans, and curses in weird languages. . . . We had to tie him down, all the way through the pack ice. I thought the crew would murder him so they could get some sleep. Terrible.”

Statements form survivors

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