Snow tractor

Snow Tractor

This is a tracked vehicle with a boxy cab. The heated cab seats five passengers, in pairs (on bench seats), beside the driver. Two doors on each side allow access. The engine and fuel tank are mounted in the back. The engine is a 200 cubic inch Ford four cylinder gasoline engine, producing 40 HP at 2200 RPM. Features include an inertia (hand cranked) starter, and a one gallon oil tank. The engine uses one gallon of gasoline per hour; total fuel capacity is 18 gallons.

Overhauls and track lubrication are needed after 100 hours of operation. The tractor can tow 3000 pounds of sleds over the snow.

The driver directs the tractor with two steering brakes, controlling a “Cletrac” geared differential; basic operation is possible for anyone, but careful steering and operation on soft surfaces requires some experience.

empty weight 1,450 lbs. no fuel, oil, cargo or passengers; includes seats, etc.
maximum gross weight 2,500 lbs.
emergency overload 3,000 lbs. increased chance of damage to running gear
each crew/passenger 200 lbs. including clothing, worn equipment, etc.
emergency supplies 100 lbs. per person aboard
each passenger bench 30 lbs two aboard; can be removed to make space for cargo
gasoline, per gallon 6 lbs 108 lbs. when all tanks filled.
lube oil, per gallon 7,5 lbs 7 lbs. when full.
length 14’
width 7,5’
height 9’ to top of cab roof
cruise speed ten miles per hour 8 mph with three loaded sleds
max speed 14 miles per hour on smooth going 12 mph with three loaded sleds
range 180 miles 140 miles with three loaded sleds

Snow tractor

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