Famed Sea Captain Murdered!


New York Pillar-Riposte


Watery Death for Commander Douglas

New York (AP)— J. B. Douglas, fifty years old, was discovered last night in the water off Battery Wharf. Two fishermen brought the unconscious mariner ashore after an assault by person or persons unknown. Commander Douglas died on the way to the hospital.

A respected officer of the Merchant Marine for many years, Douglas will be remembered as the captain of the SS Arkham, one of the vessels which carried the Miskatonic University Expedition to the Antarctic in 1930. Douglas was reportedly in New York City to speak with the leaders of the Starkweather-Moore Expedition, which will leave in a few days. The expedition expects to retrace the route of Douglas’ ship three years ago.

Thomas Gregor and Phil Jones, sailors resident in New York City, were returning to their fishing boat Bristol when they heard muffled cries and ran to see what was happening. They spotted a man running away and some agitation in the water. While Jones ran after the fleeing man, Gregor dove into the cold waters of the harbor and found a motionless figure there. He heroically pulled the unconscious man out of the water and onto the dock. He attempted to revive the drowned man.

Meanwhile Jones, who had lost his quarry, went for help. Police later announced that Commander
Douglas had been bludgeoned about the head, and began a search for his murderers. Anyone with information about this terrible crime, or about Mr. Douglas’ whereabouts on the night of the murder, should contact Detective Hansen at the Battery Precinct Station.

Famed Sea Captain Murdered!

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