Famed Sea-Captain Joins Expedition


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Famed Sea-Captain Returns to Antarctic Waters

New York (UPI)—Commander J. B. Douglas, famed sea captain and former master of the brig
Arkham, will return to Antarctic waters later this year. James Starkweather, world explorer and
leader of the forthcoming Starkweather-Moore Expedition to Antarctica, announced today that
Douglas has agreed to come out of retirement and captain the expedition’s ship on their voyage
of discovery.

“Commander Douglas will be an invaluable addition to our expedition,” Starkweather said. “Not only does he have a personal knowledge of many of the dangers and hazards of the South Pole, but he is an accomplished explorer and adventurer. The expedition will benefit greatly from his experience of the harsher climes and his keen inquiring mind. I look forward to providing this country’s most noteworthy scientists with a means to enrich our understanding of the natural world.”

Douglas, a twenty-five year veteran of the Merchant Marines, was sailing master of the Arkham on its 1930 voyage to the Antarctic with the now-famous Miskatonic Expedition. He retired from the sea in 1932. Commander Douglas could not be reached for comments. Starkweather has promised
interviews with the Commander beginning on September 7, by appointment.

Famed Sea-Captain Joins Expedition

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