Blonde Beauty to Fly to Pole


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Blonde Beauty to Fly to Pole

New York (INS)– In a startling announcement from her home in Queens today, millionaire
industrialist Acacia Lexington told reporters that she intends to set aside her ledger books in favor of seal furs and snow goggles, in an attempt to be the first woman to stand at the bottom of the world.

Lexington, only child of the late P. W. Lexington of this city, has for years impressed friends and adversaries alike with her skilled maneuverings in troubled financial waters. Now she intends to venture into a new realm.

Accompanied by a hand-picked team of journalists, photographers, and wilderness experts, the lovely Acacia will cross the Antarctic wastelands in a specially modified Northrop Delta aëroplane and a Cierva C-50 autogyro.

“It’s about time a woman did this,” she told our reporters. “Today’s women are capable of anything that men can do. If I am the first, it only means that others will find it easier to follow.”

When asked if her planned expedition was in any way affected by the presence of no less than
four other parties on the Antarctic ice this summer, Miss Lexington declined to comment.

Blonde Beauty to Fly to Pole

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