Starkweather-Moore Expedition: Beyond the Mountains of Madness

September 4, 1933

The investigators awake to a ruccus in the hallway of their hotel. They can hear Starkweather, his voice filled with anger, banging on the door and shouting for Moore to open:

“Moore!” he shouts. “Blast you, man, I want you awake! Moore!” Moore opens. “It’s her, Moore! All the time it was her! I should have known! Who else could it have been? The conniving witch! I should have suspected her hand in things from the beginning! Blast it, Moore, listen to me! How else could she stop me? Who else would have switched those cans of fish with oil? Who else has the money to spy on us? To throw things in our way?To bribe, to steal, to throw barricades before us, for her own spiteful little reasons! “I won’t allow it, Moore! Not this time! She won’t get the upper hand this time! I’ll prove to everyone that she’s nothing more than a—” he stops short and leaves the room with the following tirade: “Advance the schedule, Moore! We’re leaving on the 9th. The 9th, Moore! See to it! And Moore . . . get me a woman!”

Moore confides in the investigators: It appears a socalite named Acacia Lexington has disclosed that she not only intends to be the first woman to set foot on the South Pole, but that she will be setting sails for antartica on the 10th… Moore trusts one of the investigators to find a suitable woman for their expedition, to appease Starkweather. Luckily one investigator know a brilliant scientist and socialite, and immediately flies to Boston to recruite her. He is successfull and Miss Charlene Whitston joins the expedition.

This investigator character is then chosen to present her at a press conference, where Starkweather is present, and from now on this investigator is often given the task of giving short tid bits to the reporters. The news is released to the press in time for the evening papers.
(See newspaper clippings for more information)



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